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Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu



Come learn self-defense from world class instructors at Altamonte Springs' premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. BJJ is more than a martial art, it's a competitive sport, fitness regimen and a lifestyle. At Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we pride ourselves in teaching the art in it's purest form.

Whether your goal is to learn self-defense, boost self-esteem, improve fitness, compete in BJJ or MMA, we will do it together. 

We are conveniently located to serve Altamonte Springs as well as Maitland, Wekiva Springs, and Apopka.

Our programs include:

  • Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • No-Gi Grappling
  • Women's Self-Defense
  • Kids' Self-Defense

From beginner to advanced levels, our martial arts programs are designed for you. Contact us to register for your free week trial today.

Serving These Areas:

Altamonte Springs



Wekiva Springs

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All Ages Are Welcome

Our students range from 5 to 60 years old. BJJ knows no age restriction.

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All Levels Are Welcome

From beginner to advanced students, we offer classes for you.

Apopka Martial Arts | Self Defense | Martial Arts | Maitland | BJJ

Expert Instruction

Learn the art the way it was meant to be learned; from passionate, expert instructors.


Altamonte Springs | Wekiva Springs| Apopka | Maitland

Gabí A. Says...

"This place is awesome."

"If you really want to learn the best form of self defense, this is the spot! I have been doing Jiu-Jitsu for 2 years. I got hooked from the beginning, not only to JD’s excellent teaching but also the school is clean, everyone is friendly, and as a girl I feel very comfortable here.”

Martial Arts | Self Defense | MMA | BJJ | Self Defense For Women

Manny O. says...

"There is no ego here."

“Awesome place to learn an extraordinary martial art. Great welcoming environment that greets you with friendly smiles and no egos.”

Self Defense | Martial Arts | Jiu-Jitsu | BJJ | Wekiva Springs | Altamonte Springs | Maitland | Apopka

Ed R. Says...

"Learn a practical skill."

"I've been a member of FRBJJ for a few years now, and I am beyond happy to have this location to train at. JD is a knowledgeable, patient, and technical coach that takes a lot of time explain the little details as you go along."