Scenarios #1:
Imagine you're leaving your local Walmart or Publix. Its 9:30pm, its dark, and the parking lot is fairly empty. As you're putting the groceries in the trunk of your car you notice a man approaching you. He is wearing a hoodie and it doesn't appear that he wants to help you with your bags. What would you do?

Scenario #2:
Imagine you're out running and it's a cool summer evening. The sun has just set and you're jogging on your favorite trail. But you have your headphones in and the music is so loud you couldn't hear the mugger creep up behind you. Before you know what has happened you're already on the ground. Again... what would you do?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (See What Is Jiu-Jitsu?) is one of the best workouts to stay in top shape. Through practice you will improve your balance, keep yourself lean and strong, and also learn something useful: self-defense. Ultimately you are responsible for your personal safety. There may not always be a friend, family member, police officer, or significant other around to defend you. Empower yourself with BJJ. Learn how to defend yourself. Give yourself the confidence to know that your safety is in your hands. 

At Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Altamonte Springs we've created a fun, friendly environment for both men and women. Whether you're interested in fitness, self-defense, or competition we have professional, world-class instruction designed to fit your needs.

Lets achieve your goals together. If you want to stay in great shape and improve your self-defense skills, send us your information above and we will contact you soon!